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We began as farmers farming Black Tiger Shrimp along the Central West Coast of Penninsular Malaysia; supplying live harvest shrimp to the local hospitality industry. After 15 years, with over 200 ha of farms, we were encouraged to start up our own processing plant and to share our produce with the rest of the world.

Our seawater farmed black tiger is sent to our processing plant daily, a journey which takes less than 2 hours. Our boutique sized plant is manned by 30 skilled labour, which focus on producing quality and customised orders, ranging from live frozen black tiger to fresh chilled live cooked shrimp. Currently we are capable of processing 3 MT per day

Our endeavour is to produce products that are responsibly sourced and socially responsible.



<h3>Recognitions.</h3> <p>By <strong>HACCP</strong>, <strong>MeSTI</strong> &amp; <strong>GMP</strong>.</p>
<h3>Recognitions.</h3> <p>By <strong>HACCP</strong>, <strong>MeSTI</strong> &amp; <strong>GMP</strong>.</p>
<h3>Recognitions.</h3> <p>By <strong>HACCP</strong>, <strong>MeSTI</strong> &amp; <strong>GMP</strong>.</p>

The People.

The combination of beautiful minds & good work ethics.

Teoh Han BoonThe FarmerTeoh Han Boon

Being a Marine Biologist, he puts into practice his experience and passion for Black Tiger farming, ensuring good aquaculture practice and sustainable farming in all the farms he owns. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

Allan TanThe EntrepreneurAllan Tan

Started his career in Aquaculture some two decades ago, he has a wealth of knowledge in feed, farming and shrimp processing , and with his training in Economics, Allan is an astute entrepreneur with in depth knowledge of the shrimp industry.